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Tips to Help You Save Money When Travelling 

Travelling can get often lean more than a little towards the pricier side, and after everything from flights and hotels to days out and meals are taken into consideration, you might have started to notice a sizeable hole has been burned into your wallet. Well, it’s time to stop worrying about the price and start to focus on making the very most of your holiday with these tips to help you save money when travelling. 

Travel in the Offseason 

The best times of year to travel will always be in the offseason when kids are at school and there are fewer people competing for seats on planes and rooms in hotels. Obviously, if you have kids, then this is going to be a little harder to take advantage of, but for those of us that are currently sprog free, you can really reap the benefits of travelling during the less popular times of the year. 

Travel at the Cheapest Times of Day 

When travelling you’ll often find that you’re paying something of a premium for convenience, so if you decide to sacrifice a little you might be able to save a lot. Travelling in the early or late hours of the day is often a cheaper alternative to travelling at the peak times, and this can often save you substantial amounts when travelling long distance. 

Quick tip – Although the key to saving when travelling is to know when to skimp on luxuries, it is often not worth opting for the super-budget airlines. When you compare prices and take into consideration all the additional charges like baggage, these airlines are often on par or slightly more expensive than their competitors, aside from in quality of service which is generally measurably worse. 

Eat at the Local Favourites 

Eating out on holiday can often become one of your most expensive activities, but it really doesn’t have to be. One of the factors that can contribute to spending more on meals is a lack of local knowledge; if you don’t know where to go to eat then you’re more likely to eat in the touristy or more central areas. Before going on your holiday I’d recommend doing a little research online into where the locals like to eat and any places that have been recommended by travel writers. These will generally be cheaper, of high quality and will give you a better sense of the local culture and atmosphere than eating at a global chain restaurant. 

Try Airbnb 

Airbnb has become something of a global success story, and it has quickly become one of the most popular ways to find accommodation while travelling. While the cost of booking an Airbnb might generally be slightly cheaper or on par with a hotel room, it is the added convenience and access to appliances that makes it a better choice. Staying in an Airbnb will allow you to prepare your own meals, wash your clothes and stock a fridge, unlike a hotel where you have to pay extra for all those things. 


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