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Visiting Sydney on a Budget 

As one of the priciest cities in the world, Sydney is hardly a city that is known as a good place to get bang for your buck, but with a few adjustments to your itinerary, you should still be able to experience the Harbour City on a budget.  

Get an Opal Card 

An Opal card is an absolute must for travelling around Sydney. This tap-on-tap-off card lets you save on all public transport, and caps your travel costs off at a maximum of $15 a day. On Sundays you can travel as much as you want for just $2.50, making it the perfect day to explore the city to your heart’s content. 

Visit the (Free) Museums 

As one of Australia’s oldest cities, it’s no surprise that Sydney is a centre for culture on the continent and that means that there is no dearth in fantastic museums and galleries that you can enjoy for free. While most of the museums have paid exhibits and passes, you should keep an eye out for those that offer free access to certain exhibits. The Art Gallery of New South Wales is a great choice, as is the permanent exhibit in the Maritime Museum. 

Go to the Beach and the Parks 

Sydney has garnered a much-deserved reputation as a beautiful city, full to bursting with parks and beaches to be enjoyed, most importantly, for free. Bondi and Manly beaches are both two of the best beaches you’re likely to ever visit, but I’d avoid planning to go on the weekend as they tend to get swarmed. The Botanic Gardens offer stunning views of the harbour and it’s probably the best spot to have a picnic in the city. 

Avoid the Restaurants and Cocktail Bars 

Just like other large cities, restaurants and cocktail bars in Sydney can get exuberantly expensive very quickly, however because of the sheer cost of eating out in Sydney it can often feel like the higher quality meal isn’t worth the money that you spent. Rather than forking out for an overpriced meal, your money will be much better spent preparing meals yourself with ingredients from the city’s fantastic markets or eating at one of the smaller bistros and eateries. 

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